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For more than a century, Ottens Flavors and David Michael & Company each developed innovative tastes for middle-market customers across the food and beverage industry.  Leading sensory experience firm International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF) acquired Ottens in 2015, and David Michael in 2016, with the goal of building a strong mid-market presence. A giant in the industry, IFF had to overcome perceptions among Ottens and David Michael customers that they would lose the personal touch and agility they were accustomed to. Having built a masterbrand strategy, the acquisition presented a new challenge for IFF: how best to balance the equity of three brands, each with over 100 years of history? 

The business case for a new brand centered around creating a degree of separation from the parent company. The new brand needed to express the service and speed that Ottens’ and David Michael’s customers had come to count on, while conveying the insights, capabilities and technologies of IFF. 

The result? Tastepoint by IFF. The brand concocts the perfect blend of heart and science, dedicated to uniting skill and soul, chemistry and creativity, freshness and familiarity. Visually, Tastepoint comes to life through the iconic shapes depicted in the logo and throughout the design system. Called activation points, the shapes reinforce the notions of fusion and cooperation. 

Now, not only has the Tastepoint brand successfully launched to the industry, it’s helped instill a new, unified culture by giving two former competitors a shared purpose to rally around. “Tastepoint’s employees are truly passionate and committed to serving their customers in this exciting space,” said IFF CEO Andreas Fibig, “where I expect them to continue to provide industry-leading service to our customers.” 


Senior Designer: Kristan Butler | Designer: Seth Haller | Motion Designer: Abbie Brychel | Creative Director: Mike Herburger | Executive Creative Director: Sean Coleman | Strategist: Dave Middendorf | Client Experience: Amie Antolik