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IFF Brand Refresh

Everyone knows common sense, but how about Uncommon Sense? Shaped and reimagined by our strategic and creative Monigle team, this term defines IFF’s brand purpose: rejecting convention to create what the world needs.

Out to change what a flavors and fragrances company can stand for, our design challenge was to create a new logo and full visual identity system that championed Uncommon Sense across all aspects and locations of IFF — from its taste, touch and sense solutions to its uncommon culture.

What happens when you bring the best of nature, science and humanity together? You cross the boundaries of convention to create the unexpected. Unified yet adaptable—unafraid to break the mold. This logo and design concept wasn’t just about satisfying our eyes, the fusion of each element created an experience that like IFF, was out to do more good.

See the selected logo and visual identity by visiting IFF’s website.

Senior Designers: Kristan Butler and Eric Cole | Creative Directors: Mike Herburger and Mark Thwaites | Strategists: Dave Middendorf, Sawyer Schweitzer and Taryn Birch | Client Experience: Lydia Govinden